The Future Floats!

Our Airship

Trilobed design

This particular design provides an aerodinamic lift that translates to carrying more weight, more surface for solar panels, and a facilitated landing.

Solar panels

Propulsion is provided by 4 electric motors powered by solar panels position on all the upper surface.

Autonomous control

Our airships are completely autonomous so they don't require a pilot, not even from the ground.


Main focus

dirigibile flofleet con tralicci elettrici
Infrastructure surveillance
Flofleet airships can be used in a wide range of operations. At the moment we are focusing on surveillance of energy infrastructure, pipelines and pylons but our versatility allows us to explore so many markets

Potential markets

dirigibile flofleet che vola su formazione F1
Events streaming
dirigibile flofleet che vola su un campo coltivato
Agricolture 4.0


graphic scheme of our advantages: easy landing on docking station
Easy Landing
Trilobed design + docking station
graphic scheme of our advantages: high autonomy
Long autonomy
More than 1 week without landing
graphic scheme of our advantages: zero emissions
Low emission
Solar panel + Batteries
graphic scheme of our advantages: fully autonomous
Complete automation
Batteries can sustain more cicles
graphic scheme of our advantages: low costs
Low Costs
98% cheaper than helicopters

Our Journey

Our Team

Andrea C picture

Andrea Cecchi


Filippo picture

Filippo Cassera


Giulia picture

Giulia Fasoli


Andrea B picture

Andrea Buson

Head of software development

Enrico picture

Enrico Bossi

Mentor & CFO

Francesco picture

Francesco Ghiglione


Belan picture

Prof. Marco Belan

Electronical Advisor

C E D picture

Prof. Carlo E. D. Riboldi

Aerospace Advisor

Eugenio picture

Eugenio Zuccarelli

Data Advisor

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